As per the estimate of WHO there are 38 million visually impaired people of which 90% of them live in the developing world. India has more than 5 million visually impaired people as per 2011 census (largest for any country). . A typical text book that is available to visually impaired student in India consists of only text made accessible using Braille while all the diagrams and pictures are removed. The net impact is that very few visually impaired children in India (as well as in other developing countries) are able to pursue STEM subjects like Science, Maths in school and thus almost completely eliminating opportunities for them in most of the new age jobs. Introduction of low-cost Tactile Graphics will create a noticeable improvement in the quality of education of visually impaired people.

Who we do.

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Design and production of books in accessible formats along with the tactile diagrams.
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Consultation and training services: Organizations interested in setting up the tactile design and production facilities.
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Development and dissemination of solutions related to tactile diagrams which includes machines, software etc.