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Enabling Digital Content Accessibility

Raised Lines Foundation is working towards providing inclusive reading and learning resources for persons with print disabilities like blindness and low vision. In this new initiative we are making digital content accessible with special focus on accessibility of STEM content. Our service transform your content from traditional print or handwritten sources into modern, accessible web content and ePubs. If you have any inaccessible PDF/DOCX/ePub/HTML document or book to be made accessible,then submit your content and our team will reach out to you.

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Our Services

PDF to accessible ePub/DOCX/HTML conversion

Irrespective of the structure of the PDF documents our experts can make STEM documents accessible in different formats to ensure it is easily readable and navigable by assistive technologies like screen readers, brailled display and smartphones

Creation of acessible ePub3/HTML

As e-books and web documents continue to rapidly replace printed books, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure their inclusivity. We understand and evaluate accessibility requirements to transform your content.

PDF and MS Office remediation

The access barriers of PDF files and MS office documents(.docx,.xlsx and .ppt) are removed through correct tagging and restructuring of the files in compliance with WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Creation of Tactile supplements for the diagrams

For several STEM images and diagrams the alt text descriptions and interactive SVGs are not enough. In these cases creating a tactile supplement makes a lot of sense. For e.g. maps and biology diagrams

Our Process

Our team the printed, handwritten or inaccessible pdf files into a digital version using OCR tools. Then our specialists edit the content and make it accessible in the desired formats with correct heading structures, alt text, links and citations etc. This content is now totally accesible with the help of screen reading software on PCs, laptops, smartphones and braille displays

Some Examples

Accessible Math Equations

The math is made accessible and can be read in all browsers. The math equations scales with the surrounding text.

For example, the mean \(\overline{x}\) of the data is given by

\[\overline{x} = \frac{f_{1}x_{1} + f_{2}x_{2} + \cdots + f_{n}x_{n}}{f_{1} + f_{2} + \cdots + f_{n}}\]

The given math equation scales with the surrounding text. The screen reader users can navigate within the equation to comprehend them by just pressing enter and using up and down arrow keys

Accessible Chemical Equations and Diagrams

Our accessible chemical equations and diagrams scale with the surrounding text when zoomed. They also contain alternate text descriptions for screen reader users, for example

A benzene ring is in a vertical orientation with C 1 occupying the topmost vertex and contains alternating double bonds between C 1 and C 2, C 3 and C 4, and C 5 and C 6, respectively. C 2 of the benzene ring is single bonded to C 1 of a side chain, C H 2, single bond, C H 2, single bond, C H 2, single bond, Br. Br (3-bromopropyl)benzene

Accessible Tables

Tables are made easily navigable and comprehendable, for example

Class interval Number of students (\(f_{i}\)) Class mark (\(x_{i}\)) \[f_{i}x_{i}\]
10-25 2 17.5 35.0
25-40 3 32.5 97.5
40-55 7 47.5 332.5
55-70 6 62.5 375.0
70-85 6 77.5 465.0
85 - 100 6 92.5 555.0
Total \[\Sigma f_{i} = 30\] \[\Sigma f_{i}x_{i} = 1860.0\]

Accessible SVG diagrams with labels

The diagrams are made accessible with the help of SVGs. For eg. the cartesian plane given below

x axis x axis y axis y axis point at 3 on x axis and 0 on y axis point at 3 on x axis and 0 on y axis This is description : point at 3 on x axis and 0 on y axis This is title for point at 3 on x axis and 0 on y axis (3,0) O X Y' point on 6 at x axis and -4 on y axis point at 6 on X axis and -4 on y axis point at 6 on X axis and -4 on y axis (6,-4) y axis x axis Point on 3 at x axis and 0 on y axis from rect point on 6 at x axis and -4 on y axis