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ongoing projects in Raised Lines Foundation
Goldenshine guitar self-learning manual

Goldenshine guitar self-learning manual

Music is a preferred activity for visually impaired people. This guitar learning manual will aids students in learning guitar chords with the help of tactile graphics. In this project we are working with “Golden shine cultural welfare trust” to enable the visually impaired student to learn and play guitar independently.

Floorplans of Ashoka University tactile Site plan

Ashoka University tactile Site plan

Independent access, when visiting a wide variety of buildings and venue is a concern for many visually impaired people. Tactile map is one of the solution, contribute to support independent living and to a more inclusive environment. It allows independent choices to be made about where to go and what to do within an area or building. In this project we are working with Ashoka University to enable visually impaired people to engage with a campus environment more independently

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School Atlas- Survey of India

We developed a tactile atlas containing 22 tactile maps with the description in text + Braille. This book is produced with the latest state-of-the-art techniques to create embossed (tactile) graphics that are easy to comprehend via touch.

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RLF joined hands with DAG for the conversion of various artworks into tactile for their exhibition at Red Fort and Varanasi. These artworks were painted in 18th Century by famous artists of the time. Both of the exhibitions were inaugurated by Hon’ Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and will run till July.