Raised Lines Foundation is a not for profit, Section 8 company incubated out of IIT Delhi. We started our work 4 years ago under Centre of Excellence in Tactile Graphics (CoETG), established at IIT Delhi, with an objective of developing end to end solutions for the development of tactile diagrams in affordable and scalable manner. Raised Lines Foundation (RLF) is incubated from the know-how developed at CoETG to meet the huge unmet demand of tactile diagrams throughout the country and the same team is taking this endeavour forward.

RLF provides tactile design and production services and is closely working with NCERT, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan (Govt. of India), WSSCC (UN organization) and other organization working in the field of blindness to covert textbooks, resource books, manual etc. in accessible formats along with the tactile diagrams.

  • Design and production of books in accessible formats along with the tactile diagrams.
  • Consultation and training services: Organizations interested in setting up the tactile design and production facilities.
  • Development and dissemination of solutions related to tactile diagrams which includes machines, software etc

  • Text book reference books for state boards,schools,college and universities.
  • Concept based tactile books for different subjects.
  • story books for children.
  • Greeting cards for various occasions.
  • computer , smart phones and musical instruments etc.
  • Prepartion of competitative examinations.
  • Layouts , Floor Plans and campus Plans.
  • Customized maps for outdoor and inddor navigation.

  • Name : kunal kwatra
    Email :kunalkwatra2011@gmail.com
    Phone :8130509239
  • Name : Pulkit
    Email :pulkitsapra.iitd@gmail.com
    Phone :9013232311
  • Name : Bhairab
    Email :bhrptr4@gmail.com
    Phone :7503392449